DIGITAL BUSINESS ANALYSIS Future is Now. Now is Digital. Now is Digital Business Analysis! We are ready. Are you?

Join our International Business Analysis Community @ BAWI2018 - VIII Edition, the annual Italian exclusive workshop dedicated to BA trends to see how we are evolving in the Digital Era. We will share BA best practices, experiencies, actual vision working with International Keynote Speakers and Key players in the context of Digital World. Speeches, Talk Round Tables, discussing and working together to see how Business Analysis and Professions are adapting to deal with technologies, to drive transformations and changes in order to get opportunities and achieve greater value in the digital world.

Great day: great participation, presentations, discussions to share new scenarios for our Professions and Lives.
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IIBA® Italy Chapter is the Italian chapter of the International Institute if Business Analysis. We promote the Business Analysis discipline and BA Professions in Italy. The Mission of IIBA® is to develop and maintain standards for the practice of business analysis and establish a certification path for the BA. The Vision is to be the leading professional association for business analysts in the world. Find the benefits in IIBA® Membership: IIBA MEMBERSHIP BROCHURE IIBA® Professional Certification Program Information: IIBA CERTIFICATION BROCHURE

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