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Chairman: Matteo Andreacchio – Entrepreneur

Designer & Graphic Facilitator: Fabio Rodaro


IIBA® Italy Chapter Welcome



Speaker: Prassede Colombo, IIBA® Italy Chapter President

Digital Strategy is key to Business Strategy and Business Analysis is key to Digital world. How Business Analysis is adapting?

“Foundational Business Analysis capabilities as a mindset, a discipline, a manner of thinking while  approaching problems and solutions, a set of tasks, techniques and best practices need to be honed by everybody for digital initiatives to be successful in the digital era”. Business Analysts need to know technology but one BA may not be able be able to master all emerging technologies.

How we can deal with technologies? How is business analysis changing to adapt to the future? How our skills going to be sufficient in the digital era? What should we unlearn and relearn to remain relevant? Why business analysis competences are relevant in the digital era? Let’s see together @BAWI 2018

KEYNOTE: “IIBA® and Business Analysis in the era of Digital Transformation”

Speaker: Michele Maritato – Chair Board Director IIBA® 

The last decade has seen the beginnings of a massive shift in our economy. While software and digital technologies have been growing in importance for some time, we are starting to see entire industries disrupted and transformed. Business models that were stable for decades or centuries have suddenly stopped being viable: this is the era of Digital Transformation.

According to IIBA® , the world leading association in Business Analysis, Digital Transformation is the integration of new technologies directly into a company’s business model.
Digital transformation efforts focus on finding new ways to do business – it’s not about doing what we did before but better, it’s about changing the relationship with customers and suppliers in fundamental ways that were impossible without access to ubiquitous internet and mobile technologies, and even developing new business models that fundamentally rely on that technology.

As we enter a digital economy, Business Analysts will be forced to change how we work and look at the value we deliver. Technology spending is shifting away from a capital expenditure model and becoming an operating expense, as applications are being delivered on a subscription model and agile methodologies become commonplace (leading to incremental funding approaches, rather than traditional projects). Success in this environment means that business analysts will need to become more agile ourselves, whether or not we work with an agile team.
Business analysts will need to be focused on the delivery of business value, and be prepared to act as trusted advisors to the business stakeholders who need to adapt quickly to dramatic changes in their industries and markets.

KEYNOTE: “Title to be confirmed”

Speaker: Walter Ruffinoni – CEO NTT Data Italia


KEYNOTE: “Digital Disruption in modern Corporations”

Speaker: Michael Robinson – Designer, Innovator

The Digital Era is forcing every company, every manager, and every employee, to act faster and smarter, in order to avoid becoming obsolete. Whether or not your company is presently practicing this approach today doesn’t matter. Just remember your competitors are already discussing digital deployment strategies, and will soon be operational. The clock is ticking!

In order to help large industries embrace the transformation from mechanical companies to digital companies, all employees must be transformed, and not just the CEO. The surprise take-home is the fact that the end product is only included in a small portion of my speech. The company is the real winner here. You simply cannot hope to produce and sell high-tech products, if no one in your company has ever heard of computers. Low-tech companies/mentalities simply cannot produce high-tech products. Strategic coherence is a key success factor in every corporation.

There are four major areas that will be directly affected by the Digital Era transformation:
1. Digital Management Development = DESIGN THINKING
Time is a critical factor in any industry; therefore employees must be empowered to find more solutions faster, using previously excluded emotions (they aren’t rational) & previously ignored customer data (only aftersales info was collected). These new Digital Management methods enable greater user/client satisfaction, greater internal teamwork, and faster solution generation.
Design Thinking will raise “solution efficiency” to unprecedented levels.

2. Digital Innovation Development = AI R&D
Here the goal is to help specialists experiment with cutting edge innovations, building working prototypes rapidly, connecting with many new suppliers, and opening new business opportunities with innovative AI applications in your industry. User Experience (UX) needs are inviting us to add information-to-everything, making people happy, enhancing every detail in their lives.
AI R&D will raise “human wellbeing” to unprecedented levels

3. Digital Manufacturing Development = PROCESS INTELLIGENCE
Industry 4.0 means knowing that there is a cloud-based virtual assistant watching over the shoulder of every factory worker in every production facility, bringing higher quality, at lower costs, with less effort. This new system will allow CEOs, employees, and end users to obtain amazing results, thanks to 24/7 real-time analytics and suggestions.
Process Intelligence will raise “factory efficiency” to unprecedented levels

4. Digital Marketing/Sales Development = SOCIAL COMMUNICATION
Advertising is no longer monopolized by TV ads and printed-paper. Our kids are teaching us that by embracing next generation digital communication opportunities we can increase our power of client info access and product info projection logarithmically, thanks to new AI innovations in smart, social market analysis and prediction methods using giant databases.
Social Communication will raise “customer-centric business” to unprecedented levels.

SPEECH: “Title to be confirmed” 

Speaker: Enzo Capilli – Sales Director Business & Information Services Canon Italia


SPEECH: “Title to be confirmed” 

Speaker: Vodafone


SPEECH: “Title to be confirmed” 

Speaker: Reti


SPEECH: “Change yourself to change your organization”

Speaker: Luciana Zanon, Change Maker Counselor

If you want to change your organization you have to change yourself. How Theory U can make you better at innovating and collaborating.

The quality of our listening impacts our power of being a real change maker: if we all look at the world with the same eyes we will be always able to see the same things. So the first commitment for people who want to be innovative is to change their mindset.
The quality of the listening impacts also the level of the conversation. Especially for business analysis professionals, conversation is an extremely powerful tool. During the lecture, the four levels of conversation will be presented, and participants will be helped to assess how they use the four levels within the organizations.

Goal and Objectives of the presentation are to:
– focus on the self
– realize that innovation depends on the quality of the attention (listening)
– be aware that co-creation relies on the level of conversation

You will learn to:
– shift from to technique to attention to the self
– be aware of your listening skills
– recognize the appropriate level of conversation for co-creating
– have some essential tools for a new leadership

More details:
To produce a real innovation, it is more and more relevant to co-create, and to involve all the stakeholders. To recognize at which level we are operating, to be aware of the quality of our conversations, and to be able to shift from an operating mode to another, it is essential to create innovation.
When we talk about innovation we usually think about products, processes, strategies. You may almost never hear how to change as an individual, but every change you want to start will be impossible if you are not open to see and to feel the world in a different way. According to Otto Scharmer, the inventor of Theory U, a new future will be possible only if change happens within the individual.
Theory U is a method that accompanies people through a journey to build a new future; we move down one side of the U (connecting us to the world that is outside of our institutional bubble) to the bottom of the U (connecting us to the world that emerges from within), and up the other side of the U (bringing forth the new into the world). At the bottom of the U, lies an inner gate that requires us to drop everything that isn’t essential.