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CHAIRMAN: “BAWI 2014: Business Transformation and Business Analysis”

Speaker: Prassede Colombo, IIBA Italy Chapter President

BAWI 2014 is the IIBA Italy Chapter annual workshop for sharing international an Italian experiences. This era we discuss about  the value of BA  for Innovation, Business Transformation.

BA is key in the “Internet of Things” era in order to enable organizations to Deliver change: to Think different, to Transform themselves, to Manage change, and to Understand the customer and deliver what they want before they ask. BA is key to Deliver the Value to the Organizations, allowing to produce the right solutions, doing the right work (not doing well the wrong work) and understanding actual needs and the business value

Organizations need new talents, new processes and a new culture in order to make them more value-driven through the innovation, new technology and data analytics. Business Analysis Center of Competence is becoming key to accelerate the needed organization transformation for Business Transformation…. See all BAWI 2014 presentations…

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KEYNOTE: “The Value of Business Analysis Professionals for the Enterprise” 

Speaker: Michele Maritato, IIBA Director

“In a high performing organization, there are no IT projects … only Business projects”. (Gartner Inc. consultant)

Business Analysis is a growing discipline in all Enterprises. It can be adopted at Strategic, Tactical and Operation  levels. Business Analysis as a matter of fact is supporting the New Business models, roles and competencies to enable Business Transformation for the Innovation  needed in the current Digital era (Cloud d Computing, Big Data; etc.). Business Analysis has created new roles or extended the current ones with new competencies.

Business Analysis professionals create value by acting as Integrators among different organizations and stakeholders, supporting the Decision Making processes, and fostering Innovation. In all these cases, Business Analysts play a fundamental role in reducing costs and increase potential benefits. But in order to be effective Business Analysts must improve their ability to liaison with all stakeholders (internal and external), understand the needs and propose great creative solutions.

How to orient a customer in the era of digital revolution

Speakers: Filippo Dall’Olio, Mirella Marcocci – Telecom Italia

Organizations must confront, as never happened in the past, with relevant changes: continuing review of their Business Model,  extensions to a global market, competition against new actors from across the globe.

The emergence of new business models is a new economic factor. Many business leaders are well aware that they will have little chance to conquer new markets and maintain their business  through the traditional business models and the traditional offerings.

Leading organizations are strongly committed to quickly adopt new and innovative business models, improve business processes and develop new competencies for high performance.  Information systems managers are engaged in order to lower the technological barriers and to drive innovation, change and business transformation. These changes are requiring the specialized skills of Business Analysis enabling rapid innovation-of services, products and the way in which these are provided for developing sustainable business.

Business Process Improvement  & Management for Business Transformation

Speaker: Marco Cossutta, Fabio Meda – Reply Consulting

Nowadays, market, technology and laws are requiring enhancements of the Business Model and consequently, of its enablers: organization, processes and information systems . Hence, Business Processes shall be analyzed and implemented in a dynamic way as well as integrated with information systems, in order to rapidly respond to a changing environment.

Business Process Improvement & Management (BPI&M) solutions allow us to achieve such result, by flexible linking the organization with processes and information systems. Through a deep analysis and BPI&M functions (modelling, management and metering of the business processes), organizations can promote a greater awareness of the objectives (roles, activities and purposes), of the process stakeholders, of the performance evaluation methods and of the business benefits of each and single action.

A pilot case about the management of auditing activities for “ex lege 262” compliance verification will also be shown.

From a Multi-local PMO to an Enterprise PMO

Speaker: Luca Garlaschelli –  MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises is a privately owned European company, employing 15,500 staff around the world and present in 45 countries. In 2014, the 12 ships in its ultra-modern fleet are expected to carry just under 1.7 million travellers. Following several years of unprecedented growth, MSC Cruises is the market leading cruise company in the Mediterranean, South Africa and Brazil and claims to be the third largest cruise operator in the world, after Carnival Corporation and Royal Caribbean Cruises. This growth leverages on continuous innovation and openness to change and projects are the bridge towards the future. This is the scenario around the strategic initiative to overcome a multi-local PMO organization and transform it into an Enterprise PMO to provide the Company with an effective governance framework and significant opportunities to create value through projects and change.

The Value of Business Analysis in the Organization: BACOE and Maturity Model – Best Practices

Speaker: Prassede Colombo – IIBA® Italy Chapter President

More and more organizations are recognizing the value of the Business Analysts in the success of their projects. This is because the organizations need mechanisms to drastically change their project performance focus from exclusively time/scope/budget to innovation and value. To do so Business Analysts will ensure the project portfolio’s are contributing to the competitive position in the marketplace for the company.
Organizations are facing many challenges in filling their business analysis positions. Business Analysis Center of Excellence (BACOE) is the emerging best practice in order to assure the right level of maturity. There are several models of BACOEs that are in existence today. Each structure has unique composition, goals and outcomes. One Size Does Not Fit All and it is a best practice assessing the organizational knowledge, skills, maturity, and mastery of business analysis practices, and expectations of the BACOE, in order to reach the required business transformation.

ENI DATA GARAGE: transforming marketing through Big Data Business Analysis

Speakers: Alessandro Bernorio, Daniele Petecchi – ENI, Luigi Pantarotto – SAS Italy

Time to market is everything in the Utilities industry, today more than ever: a big transformation took place in recent years and deregulation brought to the end of old monopolies. ENI, with its 110+ bln € turn over the biggest Italian corporation at all, took the strategic decision to address its Gas & Power market with a renewed customer-centric data-based approach. The capabilities required to support di Business Transformation took the name of ‘Data Garage Initiative’.
‘Data Garage Initiative’ has been transformational if not disruptive at all for ENI G&P and its ICT traditional practices: not the usual attempt to deliver a multi-year enterprise data-warehouse project but an agile yet huge initiative that in less than 6 months brought in the hands of Marketing Business Analysts terabytes of Customer Data, from CRM to billing, passing through contact center and metering info, to be surfed in-memory through big-data in-memory technologies.
The presentation will highlight how Best Business Analysis competencies and practices, before, during and after the project have been key for the success of the initiative.

Beyond Software Agility, how to drive Business Agility Transformation

Speakers: Gaetano Lombardi – HCL

Agile as Lean have become in recent years approaches to business processes, especially in software development processes. As reported by several reports and by many organizations that have successfully adopted them, these approaches provide improvements in quality, time and customer satisfaction even up to three times greater than traditional ones.
However, the single application of Agile or Lean methodology does not make an organization Agile or with the ability to respond quickly and efficiently to changes to get business opportunities.
The Agile transformation must therefore be implemented on the two levels: at process level driving changes in product development, and at organizational level leading the transition to provide rapidly solutions addressing customer and business needs.
In the presentation, you will see how the processes of Business Analysis have been applied to enable the implementation of the two levels in a real case for Agility Transformation.