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Chair Welcome: “BAWI 2015: Bridging the gap between Strategy and Execution – The Challenge for Better Business Outcomes””

CHAIRMAN: Riccardo Conturbia, IIBA® Italy Chapter VP Operations
Prassede Colombo, IIBA® Italy Chapter President
Kashif Riaz, IIBA®  Regional Director Europe, Africa & Middle East

BAWI 2015 goal is to share and discuss the Experiences, Case Studies, Best Practice, International trends and results of the Business Analysis as a key driver for the Transformation in the New Digital era, the required Innovation for New Business Models, Products, Services and the necessary changes All organizations need to be able to answer to actual Business Needs and address the Right Initiatives achieving the Desired Value.

During the day we will discuss about the capabilities and actions to enable organizations to define the right strategy and address the initiatives and the operations in the right direction for the desired level of performance for the business, with Key Stakeholders: Senior Leadership Team of the IIBA, the worldwide leading and only association exclusively dedicated to the business analysis and Executives of important organizations.

International Sources and real cases are demonstrating that BA Competencies are essentials to lead in the right directions in order to achieve the success improving the results, reducing time to market, costs and inefficiencies, optimizing the resources for the right initiative.

We will answer to key questions: How Business Strategy is defined? Do we think about new Business Models, Business Processes improvement analyzing the root causes of actual problems and needs? Do we have the needed organizational capabilities in order to rethink our business and after the decision to align the implementation and business execution to the strategy? Which are the actions that organizations are activating in order to deal with the actual transformation? How they sustain the initiatives from the Decision to the Implementation and to the Deployment?

KEYNOTE: “Reshaping the Global Vision of IIBA®” 

Speaker: Stephen Ashworth, President and CEO, International Institute of Business Analysis™ (IIBA®)

The past year has been one with significant transition as IIBA has worked to reshape the association for future growth and opportunities.

During this presentation, Stephen will highlight, just as business analysis professionals do, IIBA must provide leading-edge innovative solutions and tools to the organization’s stakeholders.

As IIBA continues to help business leaders from corporate, government, and not-for-profit sectors understand the value and importance of business analysis, the organization is building a global hub where practitioners, thought leaders and companies can collaborate, share ideas and solve problems.

By examining IIBA’s new strategic plan, and the initiatives underway in the global BA community, Stephen will share how IIBA is working to unite a community of professionals to create better business outcomes.

From Strategy to Business Results: The BABOK Guide V3 Framework

Speaker: Michele Maritato, IIBA® Director, Partner @PMProgetti

Some companies are good at defining their strategy, but very few can do it properly and even less have the ability to deliver the strategy to producing business results. Problems arise when companies show gaps between the business and the delivery areas.

Business Analysis is a discipline that helps enterprises to bridge these gaps, both vertically (strategy, portfolio, program, project and operation) and horizontally (organizational, functional boundaries). And the Babok Guide V3.0 is the reference framework that support the application of Business Analysis in the organization at all levels, defining tasks, competencies, tools and techniques, and perspectives.

The purpose of this presentation is to show through researches and case studies on how the Babok Guide V3.0 can support enterprises to define the strategy, to align the strategy at Portfolio, Program, Project and Operation level, as well as to define roles and collaboration models that establish and enforce the continuous alignment between the business and delivery areas of an organization: in the ends only business results count.

A perfect strategy without execution and tracking: a useless exercise. How the business analysis could help

Speaker: Angelo Pansini, Strategy Director Land & Naval Systems Division @ Selex ES, a Finmeccanica Company

Strategy needs to pass several and difficult stress tests before being defined as effective. Just a couple of examples: Is our strategy based on a true source of competitive advantage ?” “Is our strategy granular enough about where we compete ?”.

No doubt, crucial questions, but I believe that even the best of possible strategies is a useless exercise without a clear implementation and tracking plan, something enabling us to comply with the following stress test: Have we translate our strategy into a doable and effective action plan ?

In other terms in implementing the company strategy, it’s imperative to define clearly what we are moving from and where we are moving to with respect to our company’s organization, resources and capabilities.

Business analysis and modelling are key toolsets for connecting the “from to where”dots. The presentation is aimed at providing evidences and examples demonstrating this assumption.

The Digital Transformation Journey: The Business Analysis to drive better Business Outcomes

Speaker: Giuseppe D’Amelio, Information Management Solutions & Services Director at Canon Italia

How much time companies spend to search the right business information? Documents are really safe? Are you sure that all of your business process are optimized? We believe that many companies could improve and optimize their Information & Document Management Process.

Canon supports companies in the digital transformation through a portfolio of solutions and business services related to documentation, image and information that change the way companies do business by reducing costs, speeding up processes and making the business of the companies more competitive.

The Business Analysis is a disciplined approach that is part of Canon strategy to introduce and manage change to organizations, through standard approach and tools like Business Case, where customer can see investments and operating costs, the current situation, the advantages and disadvantages of the new scenario and the real benefits of Digital Transformation.

Chat&Cash: Can Mobile Payments be Social?

Speaker: Antonella Verzini, Head of Issuing and Acquiring Unit at Banco Popolare

We live in a world that is changing faster and faster, where people are always connected and experiencing a new concept of being social.
How could a bank better fit into such scenario? What kind of new Business Needs are waiting to be faced and addressed? What opportunities can be kept?
While trying to get an answer to these questions Banco Popolare implemented a new strategy to match a core banking model with a different way to deliver value to the bank and the open community at the same time.

Analysis of the current situation, definition of the target future state, assessment of risks in the forecasted solution and definition of the change strategy to implement such solution minimising identified risks: these are examples of how Business Analysis supported Banco Popolare in the generation of innovative products.

Expo 2015 Digital Cloud Smart City – Why Business Analysis is Key Driver?

Luigi Vassallo, CIO at EXPO 2015
Fabrizio Rapisarda, Telecom Italia – Expo2015 Engineering & Service Management Director

Since May to October 2015, Milan became a global showcase where more than 140 participating Countries show the best of their technology that offer a concrete answer to a vital need. In addition to exhibitor nations, Expo expects to welcome over 20 million visitors to its 1.1 square meters of the exhibition area.

Expo2015 is a Milan district with more than 100.000  visitors a day in average, more than 100 Pavilions, Diplomatic Institutions who must be accepted, managed and addressed to a safety successful experience. Smart City Model is the answer.

Citizen, Visitors, Participants Countries, Corporate and International Institutions, Media are Expo 2015  Stakeholders. Everyone of them has different processes, expectations and business needs to be addressed in a complex social context that has to be managed for the success.

Expo2015 is a program with a company’s expiration date and with no chance to miss the daily milestones.

In this speech we will discuss how the Business Analysis drives a solution definition and in particular “the cloud based strategy” and how it supports the successful delivering of an initiative as the Smart City services in a very challenge environment.