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Chair Welcome: “BAWI 2016: How to Succeed with Agile Business Analysis & Business Model”

CHAIRMAN: Prassede Colombo, IIBA® Italy Chapter President

KEYNOTE: “Business Analysis Challenge, IIBA & Organizations Challenge in the Innovation Era”

Speaker: Michele Maritato Vice Chair Board, International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®)

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe. (A. Lincoln)

Today many enterprises are committed in facing important challenges: Speed, Flexibility, Innovation, Change, Competition are only few words that we keep hearing every day over and over.
Business Analysis is the discipline that brings the intelligence behind these words, as it teaches enterprises to know themselves and the surrounding reality, to understand deeply the needs of their stakeholders (customers above all), to create solution to fulfill these needs, to define priorities and objectives, to become better prepared for the future challenges. To be Fast, enterprises must have the intelligence to understand and act rapidly, according to the principle “work smarter, not harder”. To be Flexible and Change, enterprises must know and understand the ecosystems in which they operate (which are evolving continuously), the stakeholders and their needs (which are evolving continuously too), and have the capabilities to adapt rapidly and sustainably. To be Innovative, it is not sufficient for enterprises to have great ideas, they need to understand and master the business models behind these ideas, build the business and make it growth. All these capabilities imply an important decision making effort, as the margin of error is minimal.

KEYNOTE: The 4 lenses of Innovation & The Business Model Canvas

Speaker: Ugo Mendes Donelli – Business Model Innovator – Hugowiz

Goal: “Every time you are using a Business Innovation method, no matter which, you hit the creativity challenge. Every method requires you or your team to come up with many new ideas. Eventually good ideas. Ugo Mendes Donelli will introduce you to a proven and reliable creativity method, The 4 Lenses of Innovation, created by a world class Innovation expert: Rowan Gibson.”

“Monetizing Innovation using Business Analysis in the Digital Business Era”

Speaker: Giuseppe D’Amelio, Director Information Management Solutions & Services, Canon Italia

The presentation will describe the Canon approach to define new Offerings to compete in the Digital Business developed using Business Analysis Principles, such as Use Cases, Business Model Canvass and Business Cases.

Are you ready to be Agile? Actualizing strengths with NTTDATA experience

Speaker: Carmine Paragano, NTT Data

Through NTT DATA experiences, a journey to discover how Business Analysis and Agile can really permeate every aspect of an international company principles and work methods, from training, to projects, to software factory approach. Because adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, and continuous improvement is really a corporate “style life”. The rapid and flexible response to change is now a necessity to strengthen and build business value.
Objective: understanding how Business Analysis and Agile methodologies cooperate in an worldwide context to create business value

The Business Model for our Ethos

Speaker: Lorenzo Beliusse, RETI

Objective of the presentation is to show how Reti spa is using Business tools, such as Business Model Canvas, to design and plan the Storytelling for our brand new Campus.




BABOK® Guide V3 references: Chapter 5 Requirements Life Cycle Management; Chapter 7 Requirement Analysis & Design Definitions; Chapter 10: techniques, Chapter 11: Agile Perspectives

WORKSHOP: “Prepare and prioritize the Product Backlog”

Speaker: Michele Maritato

The workshop will explain the categories of requirements, and how to elicit, model and document Business, Stakeholder, Solution and Transition Requirements. You will learn how to behave as a Product Owner by learning and applying the Babok Guide principles. Considerations on Traceability, Prioritization, Stakeholder analysis and Agile BA tools, will be done throughout the workshop. At the end of the process the team will learn how do a retrospective for future improvements.
Objective: Learn and apply the Babok Guide principles to design, organize and manage the Product Backlog.

WORKSHOP: “Build a City with SCRUM”

Speaker: Riccardo Conturbia

The workshop will let you simulate a Scrum project by creating a city model with Lego bricks. The Business Analyst’s role and importance will be highlighted and stressed. Participants will experience most of the “ceremonies” of the Scrum framework: Sprint Planning, Sprint Review & Retrospective in a playful way. The goal is to create the best possible product given the constraints of time, resources and requirements understanding.

Objective: being able to experience the Scrum Framework and to understand the key role of the Business Analyst in the Agile methodologies.


BABOK® Guide V3 references: Chapter 3 Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring; Chapter 6 Strategy Analysis ; Chapter 8 Solution Evaluation; Chapter 10: Techniques.

WORKSHOP: “Define the Future State with Business Model Canvas”

Speaker: Maurizio Garofalo

The workshop will explain the Business Model Canvas application on executing the Strategy Analysis. Go through the nine blocks that describe how an organization intends to deliver value for and from its customers. A practical session on business model generation, using the Canvas, will be done throughout the workshop. At the end of the workshop, the Business Model Canvas will be zoomed out whit the environment analysis and zoomed in with the value proposition analysis

Objective: Understanding Key elements to define Business Solution to create Value, experimenting Business Model Canvas technique

WORKSHOP: “Find out Market and Competitors influence starting from Business Model Canvas using LEGO Serious Play Method”

Speaker: Giorgio Beltrami

Business Model Canvas is a fundamental technique to describe how an enterprise creates, delivers, and captures value for and from its customers. Each of its nine logical blocks has influenced by internal and external stakeholders.

Starting from a Business Model Canvas, the workshop is a tactile and observable experience to find out where Competitors and, in general, the “Market” is going to influence the organization to elaborate possible corrective actions.

Objective: Using LEGO Serious Play Method to evaluate Customers, Stakeholders and Market for Business Model definition.