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“BAWI 2019:  Business Analysts WANTED – Why Companies are Hiring Business Analysts? Let’s Discover it together.

    Keynote Speaker: Prassede Colombo, IIBA® Italy Chapter President

Thanks to digital transformation the Future and great Opportunities are here. Are you able to see them? Business Analysts are able to.
“As organizations emphasize value-driven analysis and decision-making, the skill sets they require from their business analysis capabilities are evolving…. “BAs will need to have new skills, such as strategic thinking and analysis; innovative thinking; problem-solving; market awareness and, investigative techniques to drive success in the future,” Ken Fulmer, CEO, IIBA ® .
Business Analysts are adapting and are developing rapidly the mindset to be able to be Change Maker, becoming effectively active and the protagonists to impact on the common interests answering to the needs, contributing to identify actions and solutions to complex issues related to a sustainable development.
Enabling the Creative Thinking, Business Agile Analysis Mindset, Analytical thinking, Data Analysis, Leadership and Change Perception the NEW BUSINESS ANALYSTS are able to look for innovative solutions and contribute to an increase in the well-being of society.
Let’s see how @BAWI 2019

Leadership – What does it mean today? How do leaders adapt?

    Keynote Speaker: Beppe Carrella

Leadership – What does it mean today? How do leaders adapt?
Who are the Leaders in the current context of new challenges, new needs and complex problems to be addressed and analyzed to find solutions?

History and life are formed by thoughts, fears and dreams as well as by technology, politics and society. These things are made alive in people’s minds by music, literature and art in general. Thoughts, fears and dreams, even though evolving, are found in the immortal pages of world literature. Let’s see some protagonists.
Pinocchio has the courage to be disobedient, and this pushes him to go further and see farther; Don Quixote follows his talent and his own dreams: his generosity and motivation make him the protagonist of his own life, an active Change Maker; Don Giovanni has the passion and imagination to go beyond the moment; Hamlet, full of doubts, is aware of living in the present and that there are no absolute certainties to be considered to go forward; Faust challenges personal and group limits to go beyond failure; the «Seconds» have leadership because they choose whom to follow and through what actions: without their presence no event has weight, no story of passage or progress can be told.

All these examples are unique coaches. Every idea, every challenge, every problem to be addressed requires a relationship with others and it is precisely this relationship which we can learn from the great authors of literature. In our own daily experience they teach us to acquire awareness, to see changes, to become active.
In what character and style of thinking do you recognize yourself?
Are you aware of being Pinocchio or Don Quixote or Don Giovanni or Faust?
Do you know how to activate the various styles of thinking?
Together with Beppe you will discover the answers to these questions.

Creative thinking session

    Keynote Speaker: Ugo Mendes Donelli

* Unexpected Utility and Worst Possible Ideas – lecture
You already know what expected utility is, and it is not enough. If you want to deliver great value for customers, you will have to venture off track and hunt for unexpected utility that delights people. In this lecture you will start to acknowledge that there is something, hidden somewhere, unmeasurable and a bit misterious, that can make your value proposal successful, hard to copy and delightful. You will also learn how to leverage the absurd power of Worst Possible Ideas to hunt for disruptive unexpected value.

* Worst Possible Ideas Workshop
How to turn things on their head to discover different, surprising and delightful value for your proposition. During the workshop you will challenge your mind struggling to turn Worst Ideas into great and delightful proposals.

Workshop Agile Analysis

Cristina Paternoster IIBA® Italy Chapter Branches Development Director
If you’re feeling uninspired, take comfort in the fact that it happens to everyone from time to time. But as we well know, in every area, in every moment of our life, we need inspiration to best express our potential. So don’t be discouraged! Business Analysis helps us to find it using the right approach. But how can BA encourage inspiration? Come and discover it @BAWI 2019. During the workshop we have the ambition to create a stimulating environment using Agile techniques in which to find innovative ideas able to create a connection between our past and our future but also a sustainable society. We hope you’ll find inspiration from things in your life, and learn to be open to that inspiration.
After our Inspiring Session, Brainstorming can help us come up with new ideas. Train-writing is a method of brainstorming where you write down ideas on post-it. You’ll start with a topic and just write down whatever comes to mind. Explore also crazy ideas! Sometimes, you may be inclined to toss out ideas because they seem too crazy. But… it may be the one that solves the problem!
And now? We are ready to create a Magazine to present the results!

Workshop Business Analysis

Sergio Ceddia, IIBA ® Italy Chapter Deputy Director Operations; Daniele Sorrentino, IIBA ® Italy Chapter Rome Branch Operations
We still don’t know precisely how climate change will alter the planet, but we can say that its impact will directly affect society, ecosystems and the business too. In fact, climate change is playing a growing role in business competition. Persisting in treating climate change solely as a social responsibility issue, rather than a business problem, can have the greatest consequences. So what do we need? We need leading thinkers from business who can address climate issues by framing strategies, strengthening security, shaping policies, protecting reputation, and engaging customers, employees, and markets. Finally, we need Business Analysts. That’s why you need to join the @BAWI2019! You will see how Business Analysts use the BA Strategy Analysis Model to address these issues to devise a global strategy starting form identified needs and deriving goals, objectives, actions using Core BA techniques such as SWOT Analysis, Context Diagrams etc. to derive finally a solution proposal to present. 

Workshop Business Data Analytics

Elisa Alessi Celigon, IIBA ® Italy Chapter Secretary; Enrico Cappelletti, IIBA ® Italy Chapter Volunteer; Luigi Pantarotto, IIBA ® Italy Chapter VP Marketing 
“[…] business data analytics is a practice by which a specific set of techniques, competencies, and procedures are applied to perform continuous exploration, iteration, and investigation of past and current business data for the purposes of obtaining insights about a business that can lead to improved decision-making decision-making. […] the objective of business data analytics is to explore and investigate business problems or opportunities through a course of scientific inquiry” Introduction to Business Data Analytics: A Practioner View – IIBA
Basing the analysis on open data freely available, the workshop will treat the Use Case shared with all the streams to answer one or more business questions defined in advance. The workshop focus will be giving the participants a simplified but complete sight on the whole path to undertake to analyze data for Business purposes following the IIBA Data Analytics standard. The main stakeholders will be identified and will be decided how to present them the most significant data. Following the effective ‘learning by doing’ approach, some useful techniques will be presented and applied together.
At the end of the workshop we will be able to answer the first business questions getting out some recommendations to the stakeholders to be included in the main communication pictures built during the day.

Workshop Change Perception

Valeria Bonghi, IIBA ® Italy Chapter Volunteer; Prassede Colombo, IIBA ® Italy Chapter President 

Everybody can be an agent of change, all of us. We are all stakeholders of planet Earth, therefore each of us can play an active role in designing a sustainable society. Do you want to play the “spect-actor” role? Do you want to push your boundaries? How can a BA be the protagonist and help you on this path? Find out at the @BAWI2019! Together we will take a journey that, by suspending your judgment, will allow you to listen and observe reality with different eyes, accordingly to the Theory U by Otto Scharmer – MIT Boston. We will experiment with some techniques to probe your needs and emotions on sustainability, and we will discover our capabilities and commitment level to the subject. You will become an agent of change and not just a spectator. We want to activate positive hope and desire to do, encouraging people to promote changes.